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Saturday, 20 June 2015

The medical or health problems associated with each signature, which defines the field of astrology. We have a person of his / her life suffers medical problems can tell how. We can predict health problems, so we can predict mortality? After all, the 8th house of death of a person is supposed to tell.

4 home end of life and normally can describe all the matters in the end. We know there are certain things that are not, and quite frankly, who really wants to know? There death claim to be able to tell for some time there are many astrologers, and they all miss, guiding people. Astrology can point to chronic health problems. Generally Sun, Ascendant, 6 house is indicated by the signs associated with them. The sides are very important for the Sun and the Ascendant. For example, Jupiter Sun in good aspect is the vitality department, and Tue to Sun planet in good aspect, it gives rapid recuperation. Sun, Saturn in hard aspect, it also houses the note, further deterioration of these two planets which have been described by the signs which will show a chronic health problem. Venus rules sweets and kidneys. Moon you to provide an accurate prediction of health problems on other planets, including blood and so we are always to some extent, the fluid rules.

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